Let’s dive into a caterpillar turning into a butterfly: Vision 2025

Ambitious woman

Ms. Divya Agrawal is a passionate woman. Despite achieving great success in a short period of time, she is constantly working hard to grow more and build her roots deeper.

She carries huge dreams in her eyes which make her eyes shine and it’s a wonderful element that adds to her beauty.

She owns a multi-millionaire business that uplifts the lives of the people.

She discovered the importance of a mentor in achieving success. A mentor gives direction to your life, allows you to believe in yourself, helps you bring out the best in you, motivates you, and support you at every point in time. She is thankful to Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju sir for guiding her and pushing her to get out of the comfort zone.

It took her 4 to 5 years under the cocoon to transform herself from caterpillar to butterfly.

Divya Agrawal in 2020 was like any other ordinary individual out there. She used to be lazy, undisciplined, and merely a success planner. But success requires action takers. Her transformation journey started when she joined Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP).

In order to be able to become a butterfly, the caterpillar has to fall apart completely, decompose down to its very essence. It literally dies. There is nothing left of it. And from this essence, the butterfly starts to put itself together, from scratch.

Similarly, she lost her attachment to her 1.0 self. It helped her in evolving and growing. She then developed habits of reading books for at least half an hour every day, working out, healthy diet, and consistent in work. And eventually turned into a disciplined individual who is confident than ever before. This is when she has become the Butterfly (2.0) version of herself.

Today, she has 4 sources of income. She earns a good sum of money from her online scalable businesses. She has a huge client base. She also runs a part-time consulting business to grow her entrepreneurial muscles. Her blog divyaagrawal10x.com drives huge traffic every day. She writes to bring insights to the people.

She thrives to preserve the Indian rituals. She aims to educate people on the science behind years old Indian rituals so that people would find reasons to love India and respect Indian culture and not blindly follow the western culture.

She has been working with an NGO, Udaaan Aasma Tak since January 2019. This NGO aims to teach underprivileged children. A year back, she has opened a new unit of Udaaan Aasma Tak along with 25 volunteers in Bengaluru. She is a proud Changemaker.

She always does what her heart says. Though her parents do not hold progressive thinking when it comes to pursuing a career, she was allowed to educate herself as much as she wanted but was not supported by her parents to pursue a career. She feels blessed to have such a nice brother and elder sisters who supported her emotionally and all the way around.

She believes in assuming control of everything happening to her and around her. She inspires all those youngsters whose all-time excuse is “Abba ni manenge”. When you are firm and determined, you become unstoppable. Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you.